13-Year-Old Girl Drops the C-Word on ‘The Today Show’

06.10.10 8 years ago 42 Comments

I didn’t really want to address this story, because I don’t think swearing on live TV is all that interesting, but this 13-year-old dropped a couple of C-bombs on this morning’s episode of “Today.” I guess the bigger story is that some teens/tweens were sending nasty text messages to each other, and it resulted in a young girl getting horribly beaten. And this girl, a supposed accomplice, talked to Meredith Vieira about it, not even realizing that “c*nt” is the kind of word you can’t say on TV (or write on a blog with pantywaists for advertising partners).

I hate to be the old man yelling “Get off my lawn!” but I’m kind of terrified by how much kids know these days. I don’t think I learned how to use the word “c*nt” effectively until my late teens or early twenties (I was a late bloomer). When I was thirteen, my main hobbies were algebra and wishing I was taller, and I used a keypad on a telephone with a cord to dial my friends’ phone numbers from memory. GRAH! GET OFF MY MY LAWN!

Anyway, the video is below, but it’ll probably get pulled because that’s how NBC rolls. If that’s the case, you can watch it at Gawker TV.

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