03.29.10 8 years ago 4 Comments

After watching this 14-minute video about “Treme,” I’m officially flirting with getting to know TOO much about David Simon’s new show before it airs. That said, it’s a great look at all the major characters, with additional input from the music director, set designer, and various other detail overseers. Even with this cursory look, it’s easy to tell that Khandi Alexander’s character will be deeper (and sexier) than the Chanel-wearing Caruso tag-along she played on “CSI: Miami.” And John Goodman looks awesome as a lumbering fat badass writer. Even Steve Zahn looks kinda promising — here’s hoping his loser DJ character is more Out of Sight, less Sahara. And if not, well… New Orleans is a dangerous city. Maybe he’ll get murdered.

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