Actors Who Were On TGIF Shows Before You Knew Who They Were

After it was announced that Disney was in the “early stages of development” on another Boy Meets World series, based on Cory and Topanga’s daughter, one thought kept going through my mind: would Adam Scott be involved? Scott, best known as Ben Wyatt on Parks and Recreation, got his big break on the TGIF comedy in 1995, playing bully Griff Hawkins. When asked about the role by Vulture, Scott said:

I always checked the [online] message boards, which were still this kind of mysterious thing – and I remember reading someone posting that they were friends with the girl that played Topanga, and Topanga had told this person that no one at the show liked me very much. And I remember just being crushed, but it also all kind of made sense, because I was definitely on the outside of whatever was going on there. They were all friends and I was just kind of there and would hang out with Blake [Soper, future Rilo Kiley guitarist] and Ethan Suplee. I didn’t know if it was real or not, but kind of felt like it was…The Internet or these message-board things were still kind of small enough that it felt genuine. And sure enough, the next episode they wrote me off.” (Via)

THE BEST. Appearing on Boy Meets World might not have been the most glamorous of gigs, but now that Scott’s awesome, it’s amusing to pop culture fanatics like us, who love a good “before they were famous” role. Here are 15 other actors/actresses who appeared on a TGIF sitcom (full list here) before they were stars.

Julie Benz on Hi Honey, I’m Home:

Julie Benz now:

Linda Cardellini on Boy Meets World:

Linda Cardellini now:

George Clooney on Baby Talk:

George Clooney now:

Paul Feig on Sabrina, the Teenage Witch:

Paul Feig now:

Megan Fox on Hope & Faith:

Megan Fox now:

Johnny Galecki on Billy:

Johnny Galecki now:

Jared Leto on Camp Wilder:

Jared Leto now:

Zachary Levi on Less Than Perfect:

Zachary Levi now:

Christopher Meloni on Dinosaurs:

Christopher Meloni now:

Brittany Murphy on Sister, Sister:

Brittany Murphy…well, not quite “now,” but *loosens collar*:

Naya Rivera on Family Matters:

Naya Rivera now:

Jurnee Smollett on Full House:

Jurnee Smollett now:

Danny Strong on Boy Meets World:

Danny Strong now:

Mena Suvari on Boy Meets World:

Mena Suvari now:

Hilary Swank on Camp Wilder:

Hilary Swank now: