‘How You Doin’?’: Celebrating The Wit Of Joey Tribbiani On ‘Friends’

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05.18.15 5 Comments

Oh, Joey. You slept your way through the entire female population of New York City, casting them aside like empty sandwich wrappers, and somehow managed to avoid an STD scare. You were truly a 90s miracle like dirt cheap mega-apartments.

All jokes aside, Joey is definitely one of the most beloved of the Friends. He’s one half of one of the greatest sitcom friendships of all time and his love affair with food is the stuff of legend. He loved Hugsy, his bedtime penguin pal, and the Joey Special (Two pizzas!) almost as much as he hated Chandler’s clinger girlfriend, Janice. may not have been the brightest, but Ross is living proof that brains do not necessarily make you the best Friend. Matt LeBlanc will always be Joey Tribbiani, but he doesn’t seem to mind. Even when the show lost a bit of its snap in later seasons (and in his much-maligned spin-off), Joey still managed to shoot off one-liners like a pro. Let’s take a look at some of his best.

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