‘I Hate Cows’: 15 Truth Bombs Dropped By Don Draper

Mad Men is back tonight. This is an important enough development that I’m going to say it again: Mad Men is back tonight. One more time: Dog with a Blog is on tonight, I mean, Mad Men is back tonight. Danger already gave you a rundown of all our Sterling Cooper Draper Baby Gene Olson Chauncey Duck Taking A Dump Zombie Pryce coverage, including the magnificent Roger Sterling one-liners supercut. But for our final post before the premiere, we’re putting our attention on the one and only (thank god) Don Draper.

He is a man who gives no f*cks when it comes to telling other people what he thinks of them. Just ask Ginsberg. Here are 15 of Mr. Whitman’s greatest truth bombs. Enjoy tonight’s episode. We’ll have a recap tomorrow.















#15. Don Draper self-knowledge bomb