15 ‘Workaholics’ Guest Stars You Might Have Missed In The First Three Seasons

Yesterday we showcased some of the Workaholics early YouTube videos and their tribute to best friends on Conan. Today we’ve delivered the most comprehensive A-Z dictionary you’re going to find on the internet. In addition to that I’d like to take the opportunity to highlight some of the show’s many guest cameos.

Ever since its debut in 2011, Workaholics has become one of Comedy Central’s most internet friendly shows, giving us an abundance of GIFs and hashtags with every episode (#TakeItSleazy has to be one of the best catchphrases of the last two years). The fact that the show lends itself so well to internet culture has to make it incredibly appealing for guest stars who are approached about appearing on the series. And there have been a lot. Clint and Rance Howard combo in the same episode are just as good as one Daniel Day-Lewis.

Anders may not have sealed a Jamie Foxx cameo just yet, but the show has pulled an impressive lineup of guest stars thus far. Here are 15 that you might have missed.

1. Tom Green as Cyborg Tom Green in “The Future is Gnar” from season 3.

2. Robert Englund as Dr. TelAmeriCorp in “A TelAmerican Horror Story” from season 3.

3. Marc Summers as himself in “We Be Ballin'” from season 1.

4. Rebel Wilson as Big Money Hustla in “Straight Up Juggahos” from season 1.

5. Mitchel Hurwitz as Fun Eric in “Dry Guys” from season 2.

6. Chris Parnell as the suicidal CEO, Bruce Benson in “In The Line Of Getting Fired” from season 1.

7. Katee Sackhoff as Rachel the homeless girl in “Karl’s Wedding” from season 2.

8. Rumer Willis as Lisa in “True Dromance” from season 3.

9. Chris D’Elia as Topher the ballin’ child molester in “To Friend A Predator” from season 1.

10. Lori Beth Denberg as herself in “True Dromance” from season 3.

11. The Black Keys as the Ponytail Brothers in “To Kill a Chupacabraj” from season 3.

12. Alex Borstein as Montez’s wife Colleen (who got that “stingray coochie”) in “Ders Comes in Handy” from season 3.

13. Tim Heidecker as Reverend Troy in “The Lord’s Force” from season 3.

14. Daniel Stern as Alice’s replacement Travis in “Alice Quits” from season 3.

15. Ray Wise as the modeling agent in “Model Kombat” from season 2.

Here’s to new words and more guest stars to come in Season 4.