20 Times You May Have Seen Timothy Olyphant On Screen And Not Even Realized It

05.20.14 4 years ago 37 Comments
timothy olyphant


Timothy Olyphant might be chasing down the Crowder gang now as badass lawman Raylan Givens, but that role didn’t find him easily. Olyphant worked his way up through Hollywood, playing lots of dirtbags and hapless romantics over the years — in addition to honing his gunslinger chops on Deadwood, of course.

I guess you could say that Olyphant’s 46th birthday is a “justified” reason — no more puns, I promise — to look back at some of his earlier roles. Deadwood aside, here are 20 times you’ve probably seen real-life Raylan Givens and didn’t even realize it. It all started with a computer geek named “Scooby.”

1. Mr. & Mr. Smith, Scooby — 1996

2. The First Wives Club, Brett Artounian — 1996


Paramount Pictures

3. A Life Less Ordinary, Hiker — 1997


20th Century Fox

4. Scream 2, Mickey — 1997

5. Sex In The City, Sam — 1998
“Valley of the Twenty-Something Guys”

6. Go, Todd Gaines — 1999


Columbia Pictures

7. No Vacancy, Luke — 1999


2 Loop Films

8. The Broken Hearts Club, Dennis — 2000


Sony Pictures

9. Auggie Rose, Roy Mason — 2000


20th Century Fox

10. Gone In 60 Seconds, Detective Drycoff — 2000

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