Have A Seat And Watch Even More Of 2016’s Funniest Live TV News Bloopers

Last week the always reliable blooper curators at News Be Funny released their highly anticipated compilation of the best news bloopers of 2016. But of course, as is usually the case with these sort of things, this year’s bloopers were too great to be contained in just one video, so here is part two of 2016’s best instances of Freudian slips, out of control (and sometimes very horny) animals, and weather gaffes to grace live television.

Who can forget about the time an 11-year-old surfer made Karl Stefanovic lose it by savagely mocking her dad for being “fat,” that skier who dropped an F-bomb on live TV, when a stray dog got amorous with a reporter outside of a Trump rally, these morning show hosts happening to notice that a hair product looked like something way dirtier, or — in what was arguably the greatest news blooper of the entire year — a reporter who was surveying storm damage coming across a dog riding on a dang lawnmower.

Can 2017 possibly top something as great as a dog riding on a lawn mower? Even with the country about to descend into real life Idiocracy thanks to the impending presidency of Donald Trump, it’ll still be tough.