Laugh At 2016’s Best Live TV Weather Bloopers From The Comfort Of 2017

One of the major perks of being an UPROXX dink (aside from the $500 mil annually and the crystal palace where we keep our matching jumpsuits stored) is sifting through the year’s elite bloopz. 2016 provided tons of gaffes and goof-em-ups and once again the folks coming off the best are the ones that lean into the silly situation. It sounds strange, but you’d rather be in a year-end blooper roundup for doing a silly jig or dressing like a dinosaur to work, rather than just being the guy at work that blurts “f*ck” while on the air.

As is their custom, NewsBeFunny has wrangled together a mesmerizing supercut of all the odd and outrageous moments from TV weather in 2016. “Mini-Meteorologist” Anna is arguably the star attraction of this highlight reel bringing a special brand of charisma and willingness to incorporate dance to her appearance, but Shep Smith informing Fox News vidwers about how we’re all merciless before the will of hurricanes is neat too. A touch bleaker, mind you.

All the cloud wangs, UK gigglefits and stray Lokis you can handle are nestled comfortably within this zippy video. Watch it curled up in the comfort that more goofs are inevitable for 2017.

(Via NewsBeFunny)