The Most (And Least) Promising Geeky TV Pilots

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The CW/CBS/Marvel

Peak TV has been the rise of the nerds. The CW is practically wall-to-wall genre shows and comic book adaptations. Freeform is becoming the Marvel channel. The Walking Dead remains the biggest show on TV. And everybody wants a piece of that pie. So, for the 2017-2018 pilot season, we’ve picked out the most, and least, promising nerdy pilots.


Ghosted, Fox

Craig Robinson and Adam Scott as Mulder and Scully, but funny? The only question we have is why this isn’t already on the air.

The Crossing, ABC

250 years in the future, people fleeing a civil war in America wind up as refugees in a small town. This has a strong vibe of shows like Jericho, and if they can balance the future setting and the suddenly very current plot, it’ll be a fascinating return to socially conscious science fiction.

Black Lightning, The CW

A show we’ve said before, this is a smart addition to the CW’s stable of superhero shows, especially if Jesse L. Martin gets to crossover from The Flash and he and Black Lightning have a “damn superhero kids” discussion.

Untitled X-Men Show, Fox

Fox seems to be playing this one close to the vest, but the idea of following a bunch of mutants in an ongoing series is hard to turn down. And if nothing else, it gives Fox a chance to apologize for what they did to Generation X.

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