Three Guest Stars You Can Look Forward To Seeing In The Next Season Of ‘Community’

This may be an absolutely sacrilegious thing to say, but I’m actually coming around to the potential of a Community without Dan Harmon as the show’s guiding voice. It may offer us some perspective on how powerful the creative influence one man can have on a show, but more importantly, the more I read about Harmon and the more I listen to him in his podcast, the more I get the impression that he was an unpredictable, temperamental hellion to work with. Without Harmon around, it’s likely that Community won’t achieve the same comedic heights as it has in previous seasons, but it also may become more even. The show’s quality bounced up and down a lot last season, and maybe David Guarascio and Moses Port — who Joel McHale has worked with in the past — can steady the ship, so to speak. At the very least, the off-camera drama should quiet down. Plus, there’s three very cool guests already signed on to appear next season that we can get excited about, notwithstanding the move to Friday night.

Tricia Helfer — According to TVLine, Battlestar Galactica alum, Helfer, will appear appropriately enough, as a superhot superfan of the Inspeector Spacetime series, which at the very least suggests that one of the show’s most arcane inside jokes will not be abandoned by the new showrunners. Also, did I mention that she is hot? I think it warrants mention again.

Matt Lucas — That goofy British dude from Bridesmaids — who in real life began to lose his hair at age six — is also slated to appear on Community this season. He, too, will appear in the Inspector Spacetime episode, where Troy and Abed will discover that they also know of him from meetings online. Matt Lucas is a nice blend of goofy and TERRIFYING.

Malcolm McDowell — If you haven’t heard yet, Malcolm McDowell will also be appearing next season as Professor Cornwallis, Greendale’s new history professor. I could show you his picture here, but I think it’s more important to the fine readers of Warming Glow to provide another image of Tricia Helfer. You’re welcome.