47 Years of ‘Doctor Who’ in Six Minutes

04.19.11 8 years ago 5 Comments

The Fine Brothers churn out a lot of videos where they talk really quickly, and I’m sure they have a bright future as the next Micro Machines guy (who is now the JetBlue guy, by the way). In this video, they help you get geared up for the new season of “Doctor Who” by delivering a comprehensive recap of the long-running series in six minutes. Six tedious, astoundingly boring minutes. I forced myself to sit through two minutes of it, but I was bored long before that.

I’m sorry, I know that there are some very passionate fans of “Doctor Who,” and I hear the show is excellent — but that doesn’t make two people talking about the show remotely interesting. Although I do find it amusing when people say “TARDIS” with a straight face.


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