5 Things You Need To Know Today From The ‘Breaking Bad’ Universe

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02.04.13 12 Comments

Though it’s the off-season, with Breaking Bad not due to return for another five months, the best show on television continues to generate headlines. We like to stay on top of them.

1. We already know where one Breaking Bad wife will go, but Anna Gunn’s next series won’t be nearly as cushy as Betsy Brandts. Gunn will play the lead in a Bravo drama, Rita, based on a Danish series. According to Deadline:

It is a family drama that follows Rita (Gunn), an acerbic, outspoken private-school teacher who struggles to raise her three teenage children while dealing with the inane bureaucracy and overprotective parents at her school.

Bravo isn’t exactly a network I associate with great dramas, but maybe Gunn can turn that around.

2. Bryan Cranston, meanwhile, is also looking ahead to the end of Breaking Bad. According to Deadline, he has signed a first-look deal with Sony Pictures Television, the studio behind Breaking Bad, to develop and potentially star in a new series.

3. We’ve already told you about the Breaking Bad action figures and toys that have gone on sale over on Mezco, but now Breaking Bad has joined forces with Cafe Press to offer customizable Breaking Bad T-shirts, iPhone covers, thermoses, sweatshirts, mugs and greeting cards. I admit, I would actually love a Los Pollos Hermanos iPhone cover.

4. Holy Crap! Did you know that Marius Stan, who plays Bogdan Wolynetz, the former owner of the car wash now owned by Walter and Skylar White is, in real life, a senior scientist at the Argonne National Laboratory? He’s not a professional actor, but according to an interview with the Chicago Tribune, he’d really like to get the call to kill Walter White in the final episodes.

5. Finally, here’s a series of bad-ass Breaking Bad 3D images of Walter White from artist Frank Tzeng via Kotaku.

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