5 Times Nathan Fillion Has Won The Internet

Today is Nathan Fillion’s 43rd birthday, and while I’m going to try and be nice, it’s a little hard for me to contain my jealousy for a man who probably has both Felicia Day’s and Alison Brie’s number in his phone. Like, he could probably have a three-way chat with them right now if he wanted. Damn you, Fillion!

My own celebrity jealousy aside, the Castle star has given his fans much joy over the years. To celebrate another year battling fictional evil on this planet and in the DC universe, I’ve lined up five times that Mr. Fillion won the internet.

1. Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.

We’ve got the Writer’s Guild strike of 2007 to thank for the existence of probably the douchiest superhero ever, Captain Hammer. The Whedon brothers’ musical web series is still the greatest thing Hulu has ever distributed.

2. His stint in the adult film industry with James Gunn’s PG Porn.

As great as Slither was, I get the feeling that writer/director James Gunn’s follow-up project was probably just as much — if not more — fun to make. PG Porn was a web series created for Spike TV’s website that took every cliched porn premise and removed the sex. Nathan Fillion joined actual porn star Aria Giovanni for the series debut in “Nailing Your Wife.”

3. Making good use of Twitter at the AMAs.

I don’t know what was happening on Miley Cyrus’ Twitter feed during the American Music Awards last year, but I doubt it was anything near as fun as Nathan Fillion’s feed. Fillion was at the awards show as a presenter, but did so much more with his time there by providing backstage commentary on the events. Namely on weird Lady Gaga entrance #237.

4. That time he murdered Link and stole Zelda.

Nothing to see here, just Nathan Fillion making the geek hearts of a thousand fanboys and fangirls flutter with a photo of him murdering Link and taking Zelda in his arms. Compared to Gerard Butler’s fan appreciation, Nathan Fillion’s place as one of the coolest guys in showbiz should remain secure.

5. The guy is a master photobomber

Here I was thinking that Michael Cera was the king of celebrity photobombs when all along it was Nathan Fillion. Next to filming Castle and doing Green Lantern voiceover work, I’m fairly certain Fillion spends his time providing the internet with photobombing gold like this…