50 Shows I Would Watch Based On Nothing But The Title

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Wine Detectives

Wine Detectives: Ibiza Nights

Ibiza Nights, Wine Detective

Live With Kelly and Jason Statham


Untitled Travel Show Starring Former NBA Great Rasheed Wallace

Pizza Freaks

The Adventures of Buzz Telluride and His Diamond Roller Blades

The Last Stand of Brock Madagascar

Mitch Casino, Private Investigator

American Crime Story: That Time a Teenager Stole Guy Fieri’s Lamborghini

John Wu’s The Passion of the Christ: A Miniseries

Freaks & Geeks: Tokyo Drift

Law & Order: Ghost Protocol

Law & Order: Ghost Protocol: Special Victims Unit

When Frasier Met Air Bud

Rebel Dentist

Octopus Senator

Giraffe Senator

Panda Senator

Loose Cannons

Mustache Squad

Mustache Squad: Ibiza Nights

One Billion Dollars in Cash With a Camera Pointed at It

Attractive Hot Shot Lawyers in Expensive Suits

Attractive Doctors Who Play By Their Own Rules

Elderly Mutant Ninja Turtles

Big Brother But It’s Just Noel and Liam Gallagher from Oasis Trapped in a House Together

Extreme Midnight

Extreme Midnight: Norwegian Vengeance

Extreme Midnight: Bozo Lagoon

Bozo Lagoon

Bozo Lagoon, Attorney at Law

The Bachelorette But the Male Contestants Are All Named Roy

Divorce Court with Ghostface Killah

Matthew McConaughey: Life Coach

People Cooking Food Filmed in Super Slow Motion and High Definition

Things Being Shot Out of a Cannon Filmed in Super Slow Motion and High Definition

Santa’s Fury


Astronaut Spies

Jacuzzi Bandits

Yacht Heist

The Daiquiri Syndicate

Safe Crackers

Safe Crackerz

Cat Burglars

Cat Burglerz

Mad Men But With Dogs

Mad Men But With Dogs: Ibiza Nights