Do You Miss ‘Happy Endings’? Here Are Some Ah-mah-zing Penny Hartz Moments To Get You By.

10.24.14 5 years ago 18 Comments
Sadly, Happy Endings ended its wonderful series run back in 2013 after only three seasons. While the comedy was beloved by hardcore fans, its ratings were super low, so ABC canceled it. Casey Wilson and Happy Endings creator David Caspe have a new series with Marry Me on NBC, but let’s look back at Casey Wilson’s ah-mah-zing moments on Happy Endings for her 34th birthday.

1. Drunken Italian

In the episode “Like Father, Like Gun” from season one, Penny and Alex go out for a drunken night on the town, when Penny meets two Italian men. She hits it off with them, but she’s unable to communicate with them unless she is blacked out drunk. For some reason, Penny can only speak fluent Italian if she’s really, really drunk. Penny spends the entire episode drinking from morning to night, as she tries to speak Italian.

The most memorable moment from the episode is when Penny and Alex realize Penny’s special ability while hung over during brunch from the night before. What’s the best way to cure a hangover? Why more drinking of course!

2. Hipster Penny

Penny has a penchant for adapting the traits of whomever she’s dating. In the episode “Dave of the Dead” from season one, Penny starts dating a hipster and learns how to not care and like things ironically from Max. Penny spends the entire episodes going through ridiculous wardrobe changes, going from laundromat chic to early 90s Bar Mitzvah. Are you over it?

3. “26th” Birthday

Penny has her 30th birthday party during Happy Endings’ pilot episode. She recently started dating a new man, but he thinks she is turning 26 instead of 30. He also thinks she’s Jewish. Penny’s birthday party is a hilarious introduction to an ah-mah-zing character.

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