60 Minutes Investigation: Benghazi Was A Planned Al Qaeda Attack

10.28.13 81 Comments

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If you pay attention at all to Fox News and right wing media you know that they’ve been beating the drum for some time about the bombing of the U.S. embassy in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012. Well, last night 60 Minutes aired what it billed as the result of a one-year investigation into the bombing. It’s main conclusion: “Benghazi was a planned, sophisticated attack by al Qaeda against a barely protected American outpost.” As you may recall, the Obama White House made claims that the attack was a random uprising sparked by anti-Islam YouTube video.

In the piece by Lara Logan, Morgan Jones, the pseudonym used by the security man hired to train guards at the embassy, tells his story as an eyewitness to the attack that killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three others for the first time. The Obama White House and the State Department may have some explaining to do.

Watch the whole report below. Good luck not being distracted by Lara Logan’s sexy accent and heaving breasts.

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