All The Fake ’30 Rock’ Reality Shows We Wish We Could Set Our DVRs For

10.16.14 4 years ago 20 Comments


In the laundry list of recurring gags on 30 Rock, I’d say the fake TV shows rank among the highest. I personally would like to live in a world where I could watch the Surivor-style Milf Island and, the Real Housewives-esque Queen of Jordan back-to-back, while sitting in my underwear on a Sunday evening. But until someone makes these shows a reality, let’s just take a look at the seven we wish we could set our DVR for…

1. MILF Island

“You’ve kept it tight” and  “We no longer want to hit that” are just two of the catchphrases uttered by host Rob Huebel during the Survivor rip-off  elimination. Couldn’t be more sold.

2. Dealbreakers

Liz Lemon always had a problem or two when it came to the men she dated, but for some magical reason she gave other women the best advice, resulting in her one-episode show Dealbreakers.

3. America’s Next Top Pirate

A pirate reality show could have amazing potential, especially if Buster Bluth appears as a celebrity judge and tells them they’re flaunting their hooks all wrong.

4. I’m a Celebrity Dog, Get Me Arf Out of Here

With the right host, and lets be real we only know one, Caesar Milan, and the right celebrity dogs, say Jackie Chan’s, I think this would definitely last a few seasons.

5. Are You Stronger Than A Dog?

I’m pretty sure dogs arm wrestling and bench pressing weights is equal parts adorable and inspiring.

6. Americas Kidz Got Singing

Jenna Maroney and John McEnroe on the same panel making snide comments, and revealing kidz insecurities on national television just might be the right show to replace American Idol once and for all.

7. Queen of Jordan

Tracy Jordan’s wife, Angie, the spokesperson for the “Ham Council,” stars in this spoof of The Real Housewives of (Insert City Name Here) Queen of Jordanwhere elegance and attitude are the same thing. The show promises built-in drama with its a slew of off-kilter characters like Portia, who steals 3-D glasses, Randi, who is sleeping with her ex-husband’s girlfriend, D’Fwan the sexual maniac, and Michael the meth head.

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