2013′s Most Memorable Local News Moments Are A Great Reason To Look Forward To Local News In 2014

2013 was a powerhouse year for local news. While the national news stations continued to give us their carefully polished “fair and balanced” programming, local news was busy hanging out with shirtless lunatics. In order to pick the cream of the crop from this year’s local news hall of famers, I broke the highlights down into seven categories: on-air news team banter, catchphrase, on-air cursing, train wreck, Florida, heartwarming, and Ron Burgundy.

1. The Kapooyow Lady

Finding a colorful character equal to 2012’s Sweet “Ain’t nobody got time for that” Brown was a difficult task, but Houston’s KPRC Local 2 News found a viral-worthy successor with Michelle Clark. I’m going to assume that the term “Kapooyow” isn’t common lingo in the meteorology biz. However, it was the perfect way for Clark to describe the quarter-sized nuggets of ice that rocked her Texas mobile home in a March hailstorm.

Now if somebody would only combine her powers with Kai the hatchet-wielding Hitchiker and Sweet Brown, I’d finally have the world’s best ringtone.

2. Philly’s Cattiest News Duo Ever

Take a former beauty queen, a middle-aged weather woman, put them on the same local CBS affiliate, and what you get is the 6 o’clock news version of Mean Girls.