‘7th Heaven’ Star Sarah Goldberg Has Died At The Age Of 40

Sarah Goldberg, best known for her role as Sarah Glass — the love interest to Barry Watson’s character, Matt Camden, on 7th Heaven — has passed away. She died in her sleep of natural causes at her parents home in Wisconsin last week. She was 40 years old.

Though an autopsy has not yet been performed, according to Goldberg’s mother, it may have been a heart ailment. “She went to sleep and didn’t wake up,” Goldberg’s mother told the Sun Times, according to E!

In addition to her recurring role on 7th Heaven, she was in Jurassic Park III and had a recurring role in Judging Amy.

Watson, her television husband on 7th Heaven tweeted his condolences yesterday.

It’s been a terrible week for alum of 7th Heaven. News of Goldberg’s death came to light on the same day that news that Stephen Collins, who plays the Dad in 7th Heaven, confessed to molesting several underage girls. However, early reports that Collins had shot himself last night proved to be false.

Source: E!