The 8 Bloodiest, Booziest Moments From Last Night’s ‘Boardwalk Empire’: ‘The Old Ship Of Zion’

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10.28.13 126 Comments

HBO’s Boardwalk Empire is one of the most sprawling and involved shows on TV, with a cast the size of an extra large beer barrel (or at least equal to The Wire). So this season, the show’s fourth, we’ll be breaking down the eight most bloody and boozy moments from every episode, including last night’s “The Old Ship of Zion.”

kisser smack

“At this point, I just about had it. Seriously. Dinner, the show at the Adelphi, a lot to sit through, as far as I was concerned. Then over to Rendezvous Park. Ices. Pretzels. Candy apples. I can’t believe what she’s cramming down there. The whip. The coaster. My head’s turning in circles. Finally, we’re off in a dark corner. ‘How about a little something for me?’ SMACK. Right across the kisser. ‘Some nerve from a fella I just met.’ What are you talking about?! We’ve been at this for a month. Turns out, this was her sister.” I feel like I’ve told this exact story surrounded by booze, too. Also, Mickey Doyle is the best. Shame he lost “his” cane.

chalky baseball

More TV shows should have scenes where a bunch of dudes carrying baseball bats smash up a heroin den run by someone named Moses. You hear that, Dog with a Blog?

chalky tux

Boardwalk Empire is more than JUST men in expensive outfits drinking booze, but sometimes Boardwalk Empire is exactly men in expensive outfits drinking booze, and that’s totally fine with me.

play symbolism

“The symbolism was beyond them.” Dr. Narcisse is every high school student who’s upset that no one “gets them.”

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