80s Don Draper Is The Twitter Parody Account Nostalgic 'Mad Men' Fans Deserve

Parody Twitter accounts are SO 2010. I’m well aware. Nowadays they pop up after every semi-interesting current event and it takes something of Modern Seinfeld or Florida Man proportions to catch our collective attention. That’s actually a good thing, because when a truly moderately brilliant one comes along we can celebrate it as the exception that proves the rule.

So without further ado, I present “80’s Don Draper” by Onion contributor John McNamee. There will be some debate over apostrophe placement (maybe he’s possessed by the ’80s?), but if you’re not immediately won over by the profile imagery alone, I have nothing for you. Oh wait, I do. I have a handful of the best nostalgia-meets-formula tweets the account has shot out in its week of existence.

Noid references will never not work on me.

Almost makes too much sense.