No One Is Having A Crazier Year Than Angela Bassett’s Character On ‘9-1-1’

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How is your year going so far? Yes, yes, I know. The news. The news is bad. There are all of the things happening. Too many things, some would say. But I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about you, personally, and your life. My year is going pretty okay so far. I hope yours is, too.

You know whose year is not going great? Athena Grant, the police officer played by Angela Bassett on Ryan Murphy’s new Fox show, 9-1-1. We’ve discussed 9-1-1 before. A few times, actually. That will happen when a series features a baby stuck in a toilet pipe before the opening credits of the first episode and a bounce house flies away with children in it a few weeks later. It’s a wild show and it shows no sign of getting less wild because this week’s episode featured a fireman pulling a seven-foot tapeworm out of some guy’s b-hole hours after the same fireman delivered two babies in a yoga class for pregnant women. Busy day for that guy.

But back to Angela Bassett. Her character is going through it, man. I think the best way for me to explain this is to give you an episode-by-episode rundown of what’s been going on with her. I can’t believe she’s on this show.

Episode 1

She was on the scene for the “baby in the pipe” thing, because she is on the scene for everything in this show. That will be a theme. It’s crazy. It makes me really worried about the staffing situation in this fictional version of the LAPD. It’s been seven weeks and I think we’ve seen like nine cops, total.

Her day didn’t stop at saving an infant from a toilet pipe, either. After that happens, she returns home, where her longtime husband comes out of the closet at dinner. And then after that, she tries to save a little girl who was home alone during a robbery. She flushes the robber out of the house with the help of a fireman (the same one from the tape worm thing above, who has also decapitated a snake with an axe and received an emergency tracheotomy on Valentine’s Day from Connie Britton, because this show never disappoints even once), and when the robber tries to flee on a motorcycle, she and the fireman disarm him like this.


Episode 2

Two things of note here:

  • She shows up at a house where a man’s dog is growling at him and has him cornered in the kitchen. She handles the situation and flirts with the man a bit, which is all well and good until she realizes that the man had actually been robbing the house and she let him go free. She eventually tracks him down and catches him because you do not cross Angela Bassett. Waiting to Exhale taught us this.
  • Her daughter attempts suicide and the episode ends before we find out if she lived or died.

So there’s that.

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