All The Times Louise Belcher Won The Day

Kristen Schaal is 37 years old today, and to celebrate her fine work, let’s look at the best moments of her most beloved character, Louise Belcher of Bob’s Burgers. Despite being the youngest member of her family, she’s wise beyond her years, and has the worldview of a much older, angrier person. Here are nine times we could all relate to what Louise was feeling.

Her traumatic first experience with sympathy:

Her even-more traumatic first crush on a boy:

Her brutally honest assessment of Tina:

When she actually feels a little bad for her sister:

When she discovers the joys of a pricing gun:

When she sees the hysterical screaming girls at the Boyz4Now concert:

When she tells Mr. Frond what we’ve all wanted to say to an annoying authority figure:

When she has a creative solution to the family’s financial troubles:

And finally, when she more or less incited a riot: