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Terrence the Gay T-Rex LOVES that hat on you, girl!

Ever since I heard the news back in July that Rumer Willis was going to play a “punky cute lesbian” (not my words) on “90210,” I’ve been dying to see the iron-jawed offspring of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore kiss one of the show’s female characters. By which I mean: I’d forgotten “90210” existed, and a TV series jumping the shark with a lesbian kiss barely registers on my consciousness except to recognize it as a death knell.

Anyway, the CW released this still of Rumer kissing Jessica Lowndes, who I admit is very attractive. But I just don’t know why shows think this will stir up additional viewers. I mean, if a person online is savvy enough to find the production still of Willis and Lowndes kissing, then that person is also probably capable of Googling “lesbian kiss” or “girls kissing” — and that’s a one-way ticket to the Double End section of Dildotown. I’ve heard that neighborhood’s really gentrifying.

[E! via WWTDD]

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