A Collection of ‘Community’ Christmas GIFs

Last night’s “Community” was notable for a handful of reasons. First of all, and most importantly in the grand scheme of things, it was the last episode before the show goes on an open-ended leave. We don’t know when (or [gulp], if) if it will be coming back, so for the show’s die hard fans, this was kind of a big deal. Another reason it was notable was because it was the Christmas episode. Last year’s claymation episode that dealt with real issues like loneliness and sadness set the bar extremely high, so I know I was excited to see where the writers decided to take things this year. They completely switched gears and pulled off a cheery, goofy musical episode that was at least as satisfying. “Community” has range, you guys.

Also, and I may have buried the lede a little bit here, Warming Glow favorite Alison Brie dressed up in a sexy Santa outfit and did a song and dance number that I would conservatively describe as the most important Christmas-related thing to happen since the birth of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

Don’t mind if we do.

Before I start ripping through all the GIFs from last night’s episode, here is the full video of Annie’s seductive, hilarious performance. Astute Warming Glow readers will recall that this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Alison Brie in a sexy Santa costume. For the rest of you, enjoy:

NOTE: If anyone has a better quality GIF of this, feel free to post it in the comments. I looked high and low, but this was all I could find this morning.

UPDATE: Here’s a better version, courtesy of commenter upther.

Here’s Troy and Abed’s awesome rap song. I want to live in this video.

And here’s their awesome medley.

[sniff] You promise you’ll be back after regionals? [sniff] PROMISE?! DON’T EVER LEAVE ME, “COMMUNITY”! I NEED YOU.

I’ll leave you with the delightful version of “Carol of the Bells” that closed the show. I’m going to miss these guys so much.