A Comprehensive Guide To Costumes From This Year’s Halloween Episodes

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10.31.13 18 Comments
new girl costumes

When you’ve got a production budget in the millions, you can go all out on your Halloween, unlike us Two Buck Chucks and Chuckettes, who style our hair with $.99 paper towel rolls and yarn and call ourselves a Founding Father. So, just as I did last year, let’s have a look at the quite often expensive and ridiculously elaborate costumes on this year’s batch of Halloween episodes. (I left out series like Pretty Little Liars, for obvious reasons, and only included costumes explicit for Halloween in the show’s universe. Also, episodes that haven’t aired yet. Miss u, Parks.)

Back in the Game

back in the game

back in the game 2

back in the game 3

back in the game 4

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

brooklyn nine nine costumes

brooklyn nine nine costumes 2

Bob’s Burgers

bob's burgers costumes 1

bob's burgers costumes

bob's burgers costumes 2

Comedy Bang! Bang!

comedy bang bang

comedy bang bang 2

comedy bang bang 3

Dog with a Blog (that’s Dog with a Blog’s future costume, obviously)

dog with a blog

The Goldbergs

the goldbergs costumes

the goldbergs costumes 2

the goldbergs costumes 4

the goldbergs costumes 3

Key and Peele (this one doesn’t really count, but I like it a lot)

key peele

Last Man Standing

last man standing

last man standing 2

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