A ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Judge Just Got Awkwardly Real With Charlotte McKinney

Charlotte McKinney has been dubbed “The Next Kate Upton” by many people, what with her blonde hair and other physical similarities to the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue model. To say that she’s a good-looking woman with a bright future in modeling would be stating the obvious, but it’s also worth noting that she claims to have been a victim of bullying in the past because of her looks. In fact, when McKinney made her Dancing with the Stars debut recently, she retold the story of how her mean classmates caused her to drop out of high school, because they physically and verbally assaulted her because she’s attractive.

So when DWTS judge Bruno Tonioli delivered a stunning back-handed compliment to McKinney after her performance on tonight’s show, it wasn’t shocking that the audience and other judges were vocally upset. Specifically, Tonioli told her, “Listen darling, you’re never going to win the Nobel Prize for quantum physics – but you are easy on the eyes.” Is he right? Probably. Is it mean? A little. Fortunately, Tom Bergeron was the fastest man on his feet in that room, and he quickly reminded Tonioli that he’s no Albert Einstein either.