A Dude Beer Bonged Off The Nipple Ring Of Another Dude On A Show Called ‘Redneck Island’

So, here’s something I only just recently learned this morning. Since 2012, CMT has been airing a scholarly-sounding competitive reality series called Redneck Island hosted by Steve Austin, in which a group of contestants are “stranded” on a “deserted” island and are pitted against each other until the last remaining contestant is declared winner. But like many of these basic cable competitive reality series, the contestants spend most of their downtime putting their livers through a little “competition” of their own.

In this clip acquired by TMZ for the upcoming season four (season four?!) of Redneck Island, one gentleman notices the nipple ring of another gentleman, and has the brilliant and not at all homoerotic idea to have that gentleman feed him beer by pouring it from his nipple ring into a drinking funnel. As one does!

Judging by this season promo I found, having beer poured into it from someone’s nipple is not even close to the worst thing that happens to this beer funnel in the upcoming season, which starts December 4th. I have to admit, I might watch this, you guys.