A Former ‘Dog Whisperer’ Employee Is Suing Because She Got Trampled By A Rogue Llama

A former employee of Cesar Millan, best known as the star of Nat Geo’s The Dog Whisperer, has filed a lawsuit in L.A. County for wrongful termination and animal cruelty. But former employees file lawsuits against their old employers all the time, so this isn’t exactly Earth-shattering news. In the suit, obtained by TMZ, she alleges that “untrained employees let [the animals] run wild” and Millan “forced her to work 12-hour days with no lunch or bathroom breaks,” with most of the work falling on her shoulders because she was by far the most experienced employee. Fine, great, and probably actionable, if true. But still not incredibly newsworthy, on our end.


In the suit, she claims things got so bad that she was bitten 5-6 times by dogs and on one occasion she “was trampled by a llama.”

Two things:

1) Apparently Millan also whispers to llamas. Learn something new every day.

2) As much as it pains me to give TMZ credit for anything, their headline for this story, “Ex ‘Dog Whisperer’ Employee — I WAS TRAMPLED BY A ROGUE LLAMA … and It’s All Cesar Millan’s Fault,” is kind of a work of art, if only for the phrase “rogue llama.” I would 100% watch a movie with that title. We could have Vin Diesel voice the llama. The sequel, Rogue Llama: Shadow Recruit would be even better. I might never stop thinking about this. Especially after Burnsy made this photoshop…