A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fan Photoshopped Ser Pounce Onto The Iron Throne. This Is Important.

09.29.14 5 years ago 9 Comments

There’s really nothing to this one beyond what’s in the headline. A Game of Thrones fan Photoshopped a cat wearing a crown onto the Iron Throne, captioned it “Ser Pounce took what was rightfully his with fur and blood” in Imgur, and posted it into the Game of Thrones subreddit A Reddit of Ice and Fire. That’s it. That’s all this is. And it is magnificent.

Now now, I hear you. You’re saying “Hang on, dummy. That cat doesn’t look anything like Ser Pounce. It’s just some fat white cat. Ser Pounce is gray and skinnier, and has a big bushy tail. Remember this GIF?”

Okay, fine. I suppose you have a point. That doesn’t appear to be the same cat as the one who briefly appeared in Season 4 of the show. But let’s keep in mind that Game of Thrones has, historically, shown no qualms about recasting a role between seasons, as we’ve seen with your various Daarios, Mountains, and Tommens. It’s certainly not unreasonable to assume they could recast a cat. This could happen. This could be George R.R. Martin’s big plan for ending the series. To make Ser Pounce king. God, that would be great. People would lose their minds. Please let this happen.

Now all we need is an elaborate fan theory about how Ser Pounce secretly has Targaryen bloodlines. I am willing to create this theory if necessary.

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