A GIFtastic Celebration Of The Most Gloriously Bloody Show On Television

I concede that I’ve never watched a second of Starz’ Spartacus series. Every one I know that watches it has said to me that it’s gloriously fun, super campy, and there’s lot of sex and spectacular violence in the show, but hearing that never really sold me on it. Even the fact that Spartacus is rated TV-MA for “graphic violence, strong sexual content, and coarse language” wasn’t a strong enough pull. I needed to see it in action, and after stumbling upon GIFs from the first two series of Spartacus, I think I’m in love. They are JAW-DROPPING. It’s like a whole show of Michonne kills, PLUS strong sexual content, PLUS I understand Lucy Lawless spends a lot of time her clothes on. SOLD.
The third series, War of the Damned, debuts on Starz in January. There are 29 episodes I apparently need to catch up on between now and then. I think I know what I’m doing over Christmas re-run break. And if you like beautifully filmed bloodshed and poetic violence (with over-the-top writing, I understand), check out this quick GIF gallery after the jump. If you haven’t seen the show yet, maybe you’ll be persuaded. If you have, here’s me appreciating what you already know.
Also, since there are deaths, I suppose I should add a SPOILER warning.