A Lion, A Tiger, And A Bear Were Saved From An Atlanta Drug Dealer And Are Now Best Friends

There’s probably something else more news-y or industry-y I should be covered today, but it’s the Friday before a long weekend, so whatever: Here’s a report from Today about a lion, tiger, and bear who live in a wildlife sanctuary together and are best friends. My favorite part of the report is that two different people say something along the lines of “No one ever told them they weren’t supposed to get along,” as though someone at the sanctuary was supposed to sit them all down and have that talk, but there was a miscommunication and it never happened, so everyone was like “Eh, f*ck it, let ’em be friends.”

My second favorite part of the report is this:

Under normal circumstances, the animals would have never met because the bear is native to North America, the lion to Africa and the tiger to Asia. However, 13 years ago, when the three animals were still cubs, they were found in, of all places, an Atlanta drug dealer’s apartment. The exotic pets were seen as a status symbol. They were all in poor condition, but had formed a special bond under duress.

Big shoutout to the Atlanta drug dealer who thought keeping a malnourished lion, tiger, and bear in his apartment (HIS APARTMENT) was a good idea. Jesus Christ, buddy.

Anyway, someone please turn this into a movie where these three — who are, not joking, referred to as “BLT” (Bear, Tiger, Lion) by the staff — live in the sanctuary by day and fight crime at night. Vin Diesel for the voice of the tiger or we riot.