A Lunatic Blew Up His Dog Because He Thought It Was Possessed By The Devil

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08.06.13 27 Comments

dog bomb

Save your “devil dog” comments for another story. SHOW SOME RESPECT PEOPLE.

Skamania County deputies arrived at the Sevenson home of Christopher W. Dillingham early Sunday morning following multiple reports of a loud explosion.

Dog parts were found strewn across the 45-year-old’s yard.

Deputies say Dillingham, a fireworks stand owner with a lengthy criminal record, blew up a homemade explosive device attached to Cabella’s neck because he believed the yellow lab was evil.

Dillingham said his ex-girlfriend, who had given him the dog, “put the devil in it.” (Via)

This story’s so sad, I’m not even going to laugh at “Skamania County.” It’s a reel big problem.

Dillingham was ultimately booked on charges of reckless endangerment and possession of an explosive device, but not on animal cruelty charges.

Undersheriff Dave Cox explained that a cruelty charge requires proof of animal suffering, which was absent in this case, because the dog’s death “was instantaneous.”

Skamania County Prosecutor Adam Kick told KPTV it was possible animal cruelty charges will be added later “if the law allows.” Dillingham remains behind bars in lieu of $500,000 bail.

Ugh. If I were the judge, I’d make Dillingham skank his way TO THE CHAIR.


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