A Nature Documentary Receives Sci-Fi Visual Effects, And The Result Is Awesome

06.25.15 4 years ago 3 Comments

Nature shows like those seen on NatGeo or Animal Planet are incredibly fun to watch. The struggles that animals endure to survive in the wild are truly riveting. Now add to that a little CGI wizardry, and you’ve got yourself the mother of all wildlife footage.

In a BBC Two nature documentary called Wonders of the Monsoon, crocodiles are seen attacking bats as they swoop down to the surface of the water to dine on insects. This by itself would be intriguing to watch, but a visual effects artist decided to really liven things up by putting a George Lucas spin on the show. The bats are given laser weaponry that they use to shoot at the crocs, while the reptiles themselves fire Death Star-style beams out of their giant jaws. The addition of blood splatter and fiery explosions adds a little Michael Bay flavor to the footage, as well. The narration (which seems to be from the original film) is icing on the cake, as it sets the tone for the entire battle.

The video is pretty cool, but I fear the laser crocodile might be making an appearance later on in my nightmares. Better not eat spicy food tonight.

(Via BroBible)

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