A Real-Life Central Perk Is Coming To Manhattan For The ‘Friends’ 20th Anniversary

08.27.14 6 Comments


In what I can only assume is an attempt to corner the Internet market by combining two of its favorite things, 90s nostalgia and overpriced coffee, Warner Bros. is teaming up with Eight O’Clock Coffee to re-create Central Perk for the 20th anniversary of Friends. From September 17th to October 18th, a pop-up version of the iconic coffee shop will be open on Lafayette Street in downtown Manhattan.

Entertainment Weekly has the details:

Visitors to the decorated storefront will be able to take photos on the actual orange couch from the show, along with a myriad of signature props and a show-themed backdrop. Weekly performances will add some occasional musical flair—yes, they will play “Smelly Cat,” along with other tunes in the same vein as Phoebe’s improvised songs—along with special select appearances by James Michael Tyler, who played barista Gunther (whose hair is “brighter than the sun,” according to Rachel and basically anyone).

“Hey, good news. I got somebody to appear at the Central Perk thing.”

“Who, Aniston?











“Nop-… wait, yes. Sorry, I thought you were going with Schwimmer next.”

“Who? Oh, right. No.”

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