Lots of People Watched Mitt Romney Tank His Presidential Election Prospects

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12.12.11 37 Comments

No matter where your politics might lie, it’s hard to argue with the notion that the clown-car circus that is the Republican Presidential Candidate field is trying their damdnest to ensure that President Obama is re-elected next year, 8.6 percent unemployment rate be damned. Every few weeks, there’s a new front-runner seeking to supplant Mitt Romney, and every few weeks a new front-runner burns out in a blaze of boobs and stupidity.

Meanwhile, over the weekend, Mitt Romney — everyone’s choice of last resort, and the one guy who hasn’t said anything completely crazypants yet — did about the dumbest thing a candidate could do in an economy recovering from a recession: He offered a $10,000 bet to Rick Perry over the veracity of one of his statements. Mitt Romney figuratively pulled out one of the $10,000 bills he stuffs in his magic underwear to keep his testicles cool and casually offered it up in a gentlemen’s bet with a racist, homophobic buffoon who torched his presidential prospects months ago. Come on, Mitt: Take cues from Mortimer and Randolph: A truly wealthy individual only bets $1. It’s not about the money, it’s about winning.

Good news, Mittens: More people watched that Presidential debate than any other debate this season. 7.1 million folks tuned in, or twice the number of people who watch “Community,” to see Romney run out of bounds and stop the clock, giving the ball back to Tebow with less than a minute to play the game.

And for some reason, Fox News is SHOCKED that more people believe that Obama will win the election next year than Gingrich or Romney.

The best thing that Obama could do at this point with his massive war chest is simply to buy hours and hours of air time for his opponent and let him shoot himself in the foot. It’s too bad for Obama that Donald Trump is considering scrapping his debate: It would’ve been a perfect opportunity for Gingrich to Harakiri himself and leave Rick Santorum the next front runner.

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