A Tennessee Attorney Ripped Off Barney Stinson’s Hot/Crazy Scale And Now The Internet Loves Or Hates Him

Two weeks ago a YouTube channel dedicated to tactical training uploaded the above video of Franklin, Tennessee alderman and attorney, Dana McLendon, taking Barney Stinson’s “Crazy Hot” scale to elaborate new misogynistic levels over a seven minute whiteboard lesson in statistics and relationships. The video is now pushing two million (MILLION) views and has McLendon in some kinda/sorta hot water except for the part where he’s a government official in Franklin, Tennessee and the only people truly outraged write on the internet. Per WFSB:

McLendon declined an on-camera interview Thursday night, but Channel 4 News did speak with him by phone.

He told Channel 4 News, “It is what it is.”

The spokeswoman for the city released a statement.

“The City of Franklin was not in any way involved in the YouTube video featuring Mr. McLendon. The viewpoints presented in the video do not reflect the views of the City of Franklin.”

While vice mayor in Franklin, McLendon advocated for allowing guns in City Hall. In the video, he has a gun holstered on his hip.

Because when you’re calling 95% of female population un-marriable and the rest either “unicorns” or “trannies,” you best be packing.

While McLendon is certainly guilty of spreading gender ignorance that’s on par with 75% of the videos already on YouTube, I think we can all agree that his greatest crime is not giving Barney Stinson an appropriate hat tip.