A TV Series About Grisham’s ‘The Firm’?

04.28.11 7 years ago 12 Comments

A mere two decades after John Grisham’s The Firm became an international bestseller and a hit movie starring Tom Cruise, NBC is negotiating a deal to bring the story to serialized television.

A TV version of the book has been making the rounds for years and was once set up at CBS. The original story follows an ambitious young attorney who’s unwittingly hired by a crime organization’s legal outfit.

Grishman is on board as a non-writing executive producer, with former Law & Order producer Lukas Reiter as showrunner… If it closes, the straight-to-series order will be for 22 episodes. [Inside TV]

I’d like to pooh-pooh this and call it a waste of everyone’s time, but the story line from the book is actually pretty cool. At one point the evil bosses pay a top-shelf hooker to seduce the married protagonist, and then they take pictures of them having sex to blackmail him. And while that’s a total bummer about his marriage, it’s also a pretty AWESOME thing for your bosses to do. “Whoa, you got me a hooker? And I don’t have to pay? AND there are pictures?!?!? Wow, look at these. Are these airbrushed or something? My ass really looks GREAT! Mind if I keep a few copies?”

(Photoshop by Vince)

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