A Woman Got Last Night’s Final Jeopardy Answer Wrong Despite Wearing The Correct Answer At The Time

04.15.14 8 Comments

Here’s what you need to do: Zip ahead to about the 17:15 mark of the above video, just as Final Jeopardy is starting. As you’ll see, the category is Signs & Symbols, and the clue is “Meant to evoke a person with arms outstretched & pointed downward, it was designed in 1958 by Gerald Holtom.” Not the easiest Jeopardy! clue ever, but certainly not one I would have thought would result in a triple-stumper. Correct answer: Peace sign. Fine. Great. Wonderful.

Except for one thing…



That’s a screencap of last night’s champion Sandie Baker from earlier in the episode, and as you can see thanks to the red arrow I have helpfully MS Painted into it, she got Final Jeopardy wrong despite literally having the correct answer dangling off her ears. That’s … embarrassing. Understandable, since it’s not like you or I know the historical origins of every single article of clothing and jewelry we put on, but still, pretty dang embarrassing.

I hope she comes back tonight wearing a huge red and white Cat in the Hat hat. And I hope the Final Jeopardy category is “Dr. Seuss Characters.” Let’s see if we can ride this train for another stop or two, I say.

Source: Hitfix

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