Aaaaaaaand We’ve Found The Most Insane Christmas Commercial Of The Year

12.18.12 8 Comments

I don’t know how many of you own a chain of funeral homes in Mexico and Central America, but for those of you who do and were also thinking about making a special holiday-themed commercial featuring a man in a Santa costume and his two sexy helpers posing in and around coffins TOUGH SH-T because Funeraria López beat you to the punch. It’s like that old advertising saying goes, “The early bird gets to make the most insane commercial of the season.”

We’ve already talked about how weird and creepy Samsung’s “Mrs. Claus Sex Tape” commercial is, but, seriously, this blows that one right out of the water, if only for the long seductive shot up a woman’s bare legs that leads to the realization that she’s DEAD AND IN A COFFIN before she OPENS HER EYES and GIVES A THUMBS UP. “Don’t worry, I’m not a sexy dead Santa! I’m just an ALIVE sexy Santa who’s laying in a coffin and PRETENDING to be dead!”

No thank you. I prefer my sexy Santas singing and dancing.

via Clip Nation

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