Aaron Paul Shares All Of His Favorite ‘B*tch’ Moments With Conan

Aaron Paul continued his late night TV run to promote the upcoming season of Breaking Bad, this time finding his way to a comfy chair on Conan. As you’d imagine it was pretty Pinkman-centric but NO CLIPS FROM THE UPCOMING SEASON, GHAHHH!

Instead we got Paul talking about his favorite moments saying “b*tch” on the show. He went through the classics like “Gatorade me, b*tch” that we’ve come to love. The fascinating part of the interview comes from the fact he has a pastor as a father and didn’t curse until he was in his mid-20s. Go figure.

Still, it’s just fun to hear some guys say “b*tch” a bunch because why not.

And in case you’ve forgotten, here are all of Paul’s “b*tches” in one nice supercut.