Aaron Paul Helped A ‘Breaking Bad’ Fan Propose To His Girlfriend

12.18.13 4 years ago 10 Comments

pinkman proposal

I like to imagine that after (SPOILER, I guess?), Aaron Paul need for speeded away from the Nazi Compound in the Breaking Bad finale, he picked up a trio of orphans, Kaylee, Brock, and Kiira, and now they travel the country together, helping out strangers in need. Either that, or he got hauled in. Whichever. But humor me here, and let’s go with the renegade band of dead parents scenario. Paul’s latest “OMG HE’S THE BEST” moment, rivaling the time he didn’t spray a bunch of looky-loos with a hose: he helped a Breaking Bad fan propose to his girlfriend.

Shortly after [Jason Lord and Jackie Prater] started seeing each other, one of their dates involved “drunkenly dueting to Mr. Big’s ‘To Be with You,'” and “the song has been an inside joke for them ever since.” So Lord enlisted a few friends, and put together a band to help him sing the song to Prater.

But that wasn’t the biggest surprise Lord had for Prater: He won a personalized video from Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad fame – Jackie’s favorite actor – after donating to Paul’s wife’s charity. So, as the group finishes their song, Jesse Pinkman himself pops up in a video to cue Lord’s proposal. (She said “yes.”) (Via)

And yet when I call my wife “bitch,” she’s all like, blah blah blah I never loved you blah blah blah. Anyway, while Paul was busy helping Lord and Prater, Kaylee, Brock, and Kiira were watching The Price Is Right in the rented RV they live in now. Paul would later need an explanation for why they kept yelling, “I’M TOUCHING DREW CAREY.”

(Via People)

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