Aaron Paul Is Really Excited About The Final Season Of ‘Breaking Bad’

Look: I don’t usually troll Twitter for Warming Glow material, but this different. This is Aaron Paul. This is Breaking Bad. If you could reverse polarize the glee of an Alison Brie GIF and convert it into intensity, you could approximate the feeling of watching an episode of Breaking Bad. You’d probably also break your brain. What I’m saying is: Breaking Bad is like Game of Thrones in that even when the news is ultimately completely insubstantial, the whiff of those dramas presence is enough to make us happy in the pants.

In short, that’s why an Aaron Paul Tweet about reading the first script of the final half season is newsworthy today.

See? I’m not the only one that thinks this Tweet is worthy of comment. Ewan McGregor has also been infected by Aaron Paul’s excitement, and Ewan McGregor knows a little something about intensity.

Actually, it occurs to me that, if Breaking Bad had debuted about 15 years ago, Ewan McGregor would’ve been the PERFECT Jesse Pinkman. Unfortunately, that probably would’ve meant Tim Allen as Walter White, and that just wouldn’t work, felony record notwithstanding.

Also, Tim Allen was a snitch. Mike Ehrementraut would’ve taken him out.

Bring it on, Pinkman.