Aaron Paul To Kimmel: ‘The Final Two Episodes Are So Much Messier’

Aaron Paul pretty much took over Jimmy Kimmel Live last night with a talent show, extended interview, and an extra special security appearance. Like everything Aaron does the entire visit was chocked full of enthusiasm and sincerity with the word “b*tch” inevitably sprinkled in.

The most interesting portion to me came in part one of the interview where they touch on how batsh*t and messy last week’s episode got, only for Aaron Paul to emphatically assure Jimmy that things get so much worse over the final two. I know it’s a sentiment we’ve seen and heard before, but the man’s conviction gave me goosebumps.

That clip is three down, but let’s walk through all things Breaking Bad on Kimmel from last night for some a la carte next day viewing.

Lavell Crawford made an appearance during the monologue because when you can get Huell, you get Huell.

Then Aaron Paul showed up early to showcase his very special dog whispering talents. Lavell Crawford puppy delivery is easily the highlight.

Here’s part one of the interview referenced above. Really the only portion that gives any insight into the final episodes. “It goes to a place…”

And here’s part two where Aaron Paul confesses that pretty much all the public things he does thinking its a nice gesture for fans — like taking pictures with the Hollywood tour bus and conducting a Twitter scavenger hunt — turn into massive backfires in the end.

Finally, Aaron recounts what it was like on set the final day of shooting (the flashback scene from “Ozymandias”). Things got cheeky.