Aaron Paul Tells Conan Why He Regrets Serving Fans Champagne At His House

Aaron Paul is know as being one of the more friendly and open celebrities in all of Hollywood. The Breaking Bad star has one of the greatest Twitter presences around, regularly greets fans that stop by his house, and is generally awesome when he appears in public.

But according to his most recent appearance on Conan, his gigantic heart and giving nature may have cost him his house. It seems that fans started to show up just expecting the free gifts and comradery, so much that Paul is looking at open houses and turns his car around if he sees anyone hanging around the property.

He really should’ve known better. When you feed wild animals and strays, they won’t leave. They keep coming back. If anything, he should’ve followed the Sean Penn method and threw one of them through a windshield while chasing another with the remnants of a mailbox.

I miss the Sean Penn that just randomly beats up cameramen. Bring him back via brain surgery or something, Aaron Paul is too nice for such a mantle.

(Via Team Coco)