Aaron Paul’s ‘YEAH B*TCH!’ App Is Perfect For Anyone Who Wants To Be Called A B*tch By Jesse Pinkman

Aaron Paul’s new YEAH B*TCH! app on the iPhone is either one of the coolest things ever, or a hilarious cash grab. Either way, I downloaded it. It has a few features for sharing and social networking, and sending various YEAH B*TCH! messages to your friends, but essentially, it’s just a fun soundboard of Aaron Paul saying “YEAH B*TCH!” in about 50 different ways.

You can send the standard YO B*TCH! greeting to your friends for free, in four different flavors: Regular, annoyed, excited, and whisper. But you have to pay extra to use the other greetings, like the International versions of YO B*TCH, or the “Socrates Pack” ($0.99), which allows you to send B*tch greetings in the form of a question, like “How? B*tch!” or “Nope, B*tch!” or even “Nuh-Uh, Bitch!” There’s even a “Love Pack,” which allows you to send the very romantic “Will You Marry Me, B*tch?” message to your significant other. Who wouldn’t want to be proposed to that way, b*tch?

But basically, it’s just a cool app if you want to hear Aaron Paul say “B*tch” in lots and lots of different ways, which is what I have been doing all morning long. “BOOYA B*TCH!””SHALOM B*TCH!” “SUP? B*TCH”

Oh, and the Android version will be out in January.

Source: YB