Aaron Paul Makes His ‘Westworld’ Debut In HBO’s Season 3 Teaser

Game of Thrones‘ finale left people conflicted after revealing the ultimate winner yet still overwhelmingly awestruck by one shot, but before all of that happened, HBO dropped its first Westworld season teaser. As promised, upcoming series regular Aaron Paul (who’s still best known for his Breaking Bad role, which he’ll carry to an upcoming movie) made his entrance into the highly confusing series that doesn’t look to be clarifying much yet.

Paul’s character ends the teaser after an existential rant in which he declares that he’s looking for “something real.” As if on cue, he apparently sees Evan Rachel Wood’s Delores, a robot host who has also, of course, been known for her own existential questionings about her own reality. Prior to that encounter, Paul’s character finds himself in a few dangerous situations, including finding himself staring down the barrel of a gun. And the sounds of Pink Floyd help set the mood while we all try to figure out what any of this means.

Westworld season 3 doesn’t have an official premiere date yet, although HBO has told viewers to expect the surreal series’ return in 2020, so don’t expect any answers until we get closer to that date. Given that even Wood has admitted that she’s confused about what’s going on with the show, there may never be definitive answers, but people are here for it anyway.