Aaron Paul’s Yearbook Feature Reveals He Was A ‘Wild, Crazy’ Rollerblader And Basketball Spinning Champion

We know a lot about Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul. We know he’s an excellent gift-giver. We know he looks out of place at fashion shows. We know he rocked Bob Barker’s face off. We know he never touched a bowl of Pops again. And we know he’ll call your wife a “b*tch” if you ask him nicely.

We’ve also seen his 90s-rific standard yearbook photo, but until today we haven’t been privy to some more expository information on the man who has turned Jesse Pinkman into a pop culture icon. A Redditor who went to high school with Paul just shared the above yearbook feature and now we know: his real last name is Sturtevant (middle name is Paul), he told terrible jokes, he always killed at drama, no one ever told him the hardest part of rollerblading, he can spin the everliving sh*t out of a basketball, and Ms. Dickey is some sort of GD sorcerer.

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