Aaron Sorkin Thinks ‘The West Wing’ Is More Believable Than The 2016 Presidential Field

Between Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson competing to provide the most #content for the media, to all the hoopla over Vice President Biden possibly running, the 2016 presidential race may seem like it’s from some fake, televised version of politics, as opposed to real life. Well, it turns out someone who actually wrote for such a show thinks it’s less believable than that.

Aaron Sorkin and Bradley Whitford were guests on The Late Late Show, and with a West Wing reunion going on, James Corden had to ask Sorkin if he could write characters as ridiculous as the ones currently running for president. “I think if the characters on The West Wing were watching a TV show about the people who are running for president, they’d say that this just isn’t believable. This could never happen,” Sorkin remarked. Whitford was in agreement, saying that “if there is a God, she’s a terrible writer. You could not make this up.”

Sorkin went on to note that the circus around the candidates tends to distract us from the real issues and that maybe “we could be a little more serious, too,” to which Corden suggested a Sorkin vs. Kanye West match-up for 2020, which… aww screw it, why not? At this point, would it really be that much worse to have a guy who wrote out a number of presidential scenarios running for the position? The stump speeches practically write themselves.

(Via The Late Late Show with James Corden)